About Us

We believe some of the greatest opportunities are found in the redevelopment of challenging, transitional sites. At Manarino Realty, we transform those opportunities into reality to create exceptional projects that stand the test of time.

We thrive when working out problems. That’s when we discover how to best unlock and create value. To make that happen, our team employs an entrepreneurial, proactive, hands-on executive approach to the retail development process.

We share a common belief that our work is not only real estate development and investment, but it’s also about people and how they can live and enjoy life together in a vibrant urban environment. To this end, we invest a great deal of time working with community groups and public agencies learning about a community’s history, its specific needs and goals.

To that end we spend a great deal of time creating a dynamic mix of merchants and users. We strive for a mix of uses that could include retail, entertainment, medical office/healthcare, and residential.

Once we understand the necessities of the community, we work with outstanding designers to deliver a product that not only meets those needs, but succeeds in creating a highly entertaining environment for people to meet, shop, dine, work and live together.

At Manarino Realty you’ll also discover a process for development that has been well honed from years of experience. Development can be difficult. To proactively counter difficulties, we take a thoughtful and mindful approach that adheres to discipline. In this way, we remove as much risk as possible prior to commencing construction while balancing the art and creativity needed to create great projects.

Ultimately we are a rigorous steward of our partner’s and our own time and capital.